Audrey Rogers here! Daughter of Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter. Only a few people can call me Audi (pronouced Aw-dee according to Rob). Otherwise it's Audrey, no matter what Robbie or Dani say.
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//alrighty this is probably my last post on this blog

bUT there is hope

i’ve moved to lassiebot so come say hi and we can rp

i’m still getting settled into the character alright so if my style jars a bit with the previous posts i do need hella practice but i’ll get better again i swear

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Shay Mitchell + smile



"What? Me and Vince are having fun."


"Oh? Oops. Well…TOUGH SHIT, HAHAHA—"

"All in favor of replacing Rhodes as team leader?"

"I—" "Yes, Jesus—" "I, a thousand times I—”


companion to ~this~

“It’s so beautiful.”

I know, literally beautiful. I will never get another picture of Robbie in makeup. Not this much makeup. We should frame this or put on the internet or something.

“I think it’s broken.”

…Let’s hide the pieces and agree never to tell Shanta what we just did, okay?image

Send me one and see how my muse reacts.


"I can’t do this anymore."
“It’s time to choose.”
“I’m bad for you.”
“You’re bad for me.”
“You could have died!”
“You’re an idiot.”
“I love you, but I really wish I didn’t.”
“They’re coming.”
“I guess this is goodbye.”
“I think it’s broken.”
“It’s so beautiful.”

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Keep in mind: all canon/established characters started off as OCs.


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